10 Step Guide To Build A Thesis Statement

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Image of the organization in many respects is defined by its mission, i.e. the social importance, a role, appointment of the organization which has to be known to the population, mass media, the authorities, potential sponsors. Mission is made out in the form of one page of the text from which it has to be clear: who you are; that you do; to whose interests serve.

Purposes and tasks of the project. It is necessary to pay attention to that the purposes were connected with problems, and tasks represented the concrete and giving-in to measurement ways of change of a situation which characteristic was given earlier.

The organization has a collective uchreditelstvo and the management (council, board which defines the content of activity of the organization, a salary of permanent members of staff, is responsible for public trust, etc.).

Registration of the demand for receiving means under the program — is a kind of technology of marketing which essence, as we know, consists in forecasting, expansion and satisfaction of demand for goods, ideas, services by means of their development, advance (packing) and realization.

The title page which contains: number and name of sections of the subprogramme; the name of the offered project; indication of the organization performer; project manager and author's group; cast; terms of implementation of the project.

Knowledge of possible motives of financing of the project. The author of the program or demand (or to the representative of the organization applicant) entering dialogue with the sponsor needs to know not simply motives of financial charity, but it is very important to speak (or to issue in the text of the demand) those problems which excite the organization sponsor, extremely specifically and precisely to formulate: